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Mobile Enable Your Workforce

In partnership with over 15 leading human capital managment, time & attendance, and workforce management solution providers, Telliris mobile enables time entry, absence management, scheduling, and employee messaging.

Available in Cloud / SaaS and traditional Licensed / On-Premises format, organizations with mobile, dispersed, and remote employees can enable their workforce to use any phone / mobile phone for time & labor entry, absence / late arrival / early departure reporting, scheduling, and messaging.

Telephone-based time entry reduces your payroll and labor expense by accurately collecting time & labor data and eliminating manual processing. Absence, late arrival, and early departure reporting with Telliris will enable you to minimize productivity loss, reduce overtime, and ensure consistent absence management.

We encourage you to contact your organizations human capital managment, time & attendance, or workforce management solution provider or Telliris to get an overview and discuss the benefits.

Telliris Attend is made to work hand-in-hand with your existing system or cloud service. It provides a "mobile touch point" to the portion of your workforce that is remote, outside your facilities, or working in dispersed locations.

Return on investment is achieved in a very short time. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the lowest cost method to mobile enable your workforce. Telliris Attend does not require employees use a smartphone or tablet (which rely on costly data plans). Tablets and smartphones are appropriate for supervisors who need a visual dashboard to manage their staff but are overkill for employees who simply need to punch in/out, determine their upcoming schedule, or report absent / late arrival.

It's easy to use, available in multiple languages, and configured to meet your specific needs.
Time entry in Cloud / SaaS format can be implemented in 5 days. This is made possible by the tight pre-integraton between Telliris Attend and most human capital management, time & attendance, and workforce management software and cloud services.

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