Telliris Attend in Cloud format offers all the features of Telliris Attend in On Premises format without the need to purchase equipment. It has been available for over five years (well before cloud services became popular) and has been handling the needs of organizations with a workforce size of 10 to 100,000+ employees.

It handles small workgroups more cost effectively than an on premises solution. At the same time, it's priced right even for thousands of employees.

The main difference between Cloud and On Premises format is where the equipment is located. Cloud replaces traditional capital equipment product procurement and installation with a straight forward outsourced subscription based service.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Like Telliris Attend On Premises, Cloud is "data driven" and therefore configuration of your call dialog and integration with time & attendance system takes a very short time to complete.

Unlike On Premises, there is no need to involve your IT staff to procure and install a server in your data center, obtain telephone service, or configure your company PBX.

All coordination, associated costs with maintaining equipment in your data center, and provisioning telephone service are avoided.

800 Toll Free Service

Telliris assigns each organization an 800 toll free number. Your employees call your 800 number, they'’re greeted with your company name, the call is handled as usual, and transaction data is sent to your time & attendance system, just like Telliris was On Premises.

Time & Attendance Integration

100% Pre-integration Coverage: All human capital management (HCM), time & attendance, and workforce management (WFM) packages handled by On Premises are handled by Cloud.

Time & Attendance Location

Telliris Attend in Cloud format interacts with your time & attendance system whether it’s On Premises located in your data center or Cloud located at your time & attendance provider’s data center.

Data Communication

Data communication between Telliris and your time & attendance system is automated. There is no need to administer or maintain the system or data.

Data Security

Communication of data is encrypted and sent over the internet. Telliris handles data transmission with each time & attendance product in accord with their design architecture and policy.

Site Specific Factors

If your employees will be calling from within your building(s) or campus, we recommend using On Premises instead of Cloud. When using an On Premise system, there is no cost to transport phone calls internally within your data / telephone network. From an economic accounting perspective, this eliminates a cost component (the 800 toll free handling of calls by a telephone company) and therefore reduces the overall cost.

Quick Selection Guide

  • Employees will use Telliris while outside your buildings or campus - Use either Cloud or On Premise
  • Employees will use Telliris when within your buildings or campus - Use On Premise Only

Payphone Handling

If you would like employees to call from payphones, please bear in mind, calls from payphones incur a mandatory additional per call charge which is required by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

Peak Time Collection Call Capacity

The Cloud format of Telliris Attend alleviates you from having to calculate the maximum number concurrent users needing to be handled during peak time collection periods.

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