Scenarios 1-10:

I want mobile / field employees to clock-in and clock-out

This is the most popular app for mobile enabled time & attendance. Your workforce can use any phone / mobile phone just like a time clock. They dial an 800 toll free number and the task takes 1/2 minute.

I need time collection capability for kiosks that have just a couple of employees each

With a handful of employees at each kiosk and no internet access the only way to enable employees to clock-in / clock-out is by phone. Even if you could install a time clock, it’'s too expensive for such a small number of employees at each location.

I want my staff to clock in / clock out at client sites and they don’'t have Internet access

Without Internet access the only way is via phone or cell phone. They can use the client’'s phone, a cell phone, or a pay phone.

I need time collection for my campus and don’'t want to deploy hundreds of clocks

Telephone based time collection is often used in lieu of regular time clocks due to it being less costly to implement and maintain. A quick analysis using a spreadsheet will show the cost difference.

I have drivers and want to give them a way to punch-in and punch-out

Your drivers can use a cell phone to clock in / out, start / end their meal, and start / end their break.

I want my crew supervisors to clock their group in and out at shift-start / shift-end

The Crew Clock App enables supervisors to quickly perform time entry for their group. Stragglers can be individually clocked in if they arrive late.

My bus drivers take their vehicles home and need to clock in / out in their driveway

Drivers can use their home phone or a cell phone to start and end their shift. They can also start and end their meals and breaks using the phone.

I have teachers who work after classes end and need to enter after-school activity time

Faculty such as teachers acting as an after school coach can perform time entry including location and position using a phone or cell phone.

I have seasonal staff at recreation camps, pools and parks and need time entry for them

Municipal government as well as not for profit organizations find the phone a good way to handle time entry for these areas some of which are seasonal and benefit from a simple to use app.

Our municipal staff work throughout the county, I need time entry without installing lots of clocks

If it is impractical to implement regular time clocks, the phone is a good method for time entry across a wide area.

Scenarios 11-20:

My staff provide 3rd party services for clients in correctional facilities and need to clock in / out without Internet access

The phone is an efficient way to perform time entry upon arrival and departure in this type of restricted environment.

I have cleaning staff at client locations without Internet, they need to clock in / out

The phone is a common way to implement time collection in the janitorial industry since it is impractical to perform time entry any other way.

We operate parking lots, each with 1-5 employees, and need time entry without using regular time clocks

Time clocks are not cost effective for use by small groups of employees. The phone is a common method for time entry in this scenario.

I need a way for my valet parking attendants to clock in / out working at client locations

Typically your employee does not have access to the Internet and you can'’t install a time clock. The phone is a good way to provide time entry for this situation.

We manage properties and need cleaning, repair, maintenance to enter start / stop time

The phone is a common way to implement time collection for property managers since it is impractical to perform time entry any other way.

We provide services to individuals and need our staff to report arrival / departure time

Your workforce can perform time entry and activity reporting by phone. This situation is common.

I need to implement patrol punching for my security staff working in the field

Patrol punching is a variation of traditional time entry. Typically, clock-in is followed by a series of patrol punches which use a specific clock code indicating they're performing their rounds. At the end of their shift, they clock-out as usual.

My employees use a time clock, but need to record their meal break while mobile

They can start and end their day using a traditional clock and just use the phone to start and end their meal or break.

I have employee’s on-call, when they'’re called to work, I need them to clock in / out

The phone is a good method, especially since it can record the start and end time as appropriate to the situation at hand.

Scenarios 21-30:

I want to collect activity data when my mobile field employees leave each location

Comprehensive data can be collected upon clock-out. It’s validated immediately upon entry on the phone ensuring your system only receives correct data.

I want my field staff to provide mileage and the number of stops they made during their shift

Mileage and number of visits can be entered upon clock-out.

I want to perform data collection in the field without a laptop, tablet, or smartphone

Comprehensive data can be collected using any phone or cell phone. Questions can include yes/no, numeric, choice from a menu and so forth. It is so extensive, that it’'s used in place of full field service automation at organizations that don’'t need an all-encompassing end-to-end field service solution.

I don’'t need a full field service automation system, I just need time and labor data entry

If you don'’t need features such as ticket assignment, parts used entry, and service call disposition, it may be worthwhile to consider using a phone for data entry. Data categories include yes/no, numeric, and selection from a menu. The data can be reviewed and revised prior to submission.

I want to collect data on equipment allocation and hours used when my crews clock-out

Employees can enter this data. It falls under the category of labor data, can be validated if appropriate, and optionally reviewed prior to submission if desirable.

I want to track injuries

Injuries can be reported in several ways. In a Time Entry App, it can be provided by a supervisor or employee upon clock-out. In the Absence Reporting App, it can be one of the reason code selections, for example in a menu with other choices such as bereavement, FMLA, jury duty, and so forth.

I'’m required by government grants to collect project time and labor for my mobile staff

Staff working in dispersed locations, such as in various labs throughout a university campus can use a phone to provide project time and data in order to meet government requirements.

I want different employee groups to have their own specialized dialog / workflow

All Apps can group employees so they only have functions relevant to them. Grouping also is available for labor data, location, and absence reason codes.

I need my staff to confirm they took their meal break upon clock-out

Positive confirmation can be obtained via a standard question at clock out “"did you take your meal"”. This function is used in certain states and regions to meet regulatory requirements.

I need a way for employees to record their skip lunch

This function is built into the Time Clock App and can be configured as needed.

I need a way to record breaks and ensure they'’re 30 minutes minimum as required by government

This function is built into the Time Clock App and can be configured as needed.

Scenarios 31-40:

I want to prevent outside field / mobile staff buddy punching

The biometric feature works in a similar fashion to a finger print reader, only it uses the employee’s voice. This feature can be optionally added to any App.

I want biometric capability for employees with dirty hands, fingerprint readers won’'t work

Use the biometric feature, it uses the employees voice instead of their hand or fingerprint.

I want to provide ESS to employees who can'’t readily access the Internet

A wide range of employee self-service apps are available such as accruals inquiry, time card review, schedule preview, absence reporting, and time-off request.

I want crew supervisors to enter warnings given to employees for my "absence point’s" module

This is handled upon clock-in where a supervisor indicates the employee was absent. The data is then used by the time & attendance absence management feature as usual.

I want to track jobs and progress-made to optimally allocate my work crews

Mobile enabling time & attendance significantly improves management visibility compared with collecting time sheets at the end of the week or pay period. With it, crews can be re-allocated from jobs that are ahead of schedule to those that need additional staff to catch up.

I want to collect time sheets from my mobile field employees

Employees can enter their time along with labor data at the end of the day, end of the week, or end of pay period. The Time Sheet App has an integral review and revision function ensuring accurate data is submitted. Employees can use macros for their most commonly used combinations of labor data.

I need time collection integrated with my ERP system for mobile, field, dispersed staff

Organizations using an ERP system such as from Lawson, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP, can use an ERP certified communications module to integrate time collection into the ERP’s time & labor application. Telliris time collection and regular time clocks send their data to the communications module which in turn sends the data to ERP.

We’'re implementing ERP and I need a replacement for our old dedicated T&E system

Many older time and expense reporting systems that include a telephone app such as those used by defense contractors cannot be integrated into modern ERP. If you are facing this situation a solution can be implemented using the Time Sheet App which sends the resultant data to a communications module which is integrated with your ERP.

My workforce considers themselves professional and don'’t want to use a punch clock

Telephone time entry does not have the stigma of regular time clocks and has been used for years in settings where the workforce is averse to traditional clocks.

Scenarios 41-50:

I am implementing absence management and need a way for employees to call-in absent

Virtually all employees have a bed side phone or mobile phone nearby. Absence and late arrival reporting by phone is better than using an employee self-service website.

I want one 800 number for employees at all plants and locations to report absent / late

A single number can be used across all locations. The Absence Reporting App automatically determines which dialog and options to use.

I want to minimize / eliminate production line slowdowns due to absent / late workers

Absence and late arrival reporting can provide significant benefit especially if you have a skilled workforce. With it, available similarly skilled substitutes can be located and invited to work well in advance of shift start.

I want to better satisfy union relations by implementing an absentee call-in phone line

Labor unions find automated absence reporting favorable due to its consistency. It forms the beginning of a systematic process and provides the basis of fair and equitable workflow leading to improvements such as in overtime handling.

I need to avoid government contractor penalties for late product delivery due to absenteeism

Implementing absence and late arrivals reporting is a proven way to reduce production line slowdowns / shutdowns due to absent and late employees. The economic benefit can be very significant.

I need my teachers to easily report absent / late arrival

K-12 schools commonly provide teachers with the absence / late arrival app when they mobile enable time & attendance with a time entry app.

I need employees to report absent and select from a menu the category for consistency

Compared with employees calling their manager, HR, or guard shack, absence reporting via phone is superior due to its automation. The menu’'s, prompts, and messages are consistent and there is no personality factor to get in the way.

I want absence reporting to consistently handle different rules for each plant / region

The Absence and Late Arrival App presents the relevant options, takes into account the rules, and presents the correct advisory messages for each employee based on their region, location, and group - all automatically.

I want my employees to get their upcoming schedule without using the Internet

The Schedule Information App provides next shift information such as date, time, and location. Some organizations just implement this app while others include it along with time collection, and absence / late arrival reporting.

I have bus drivers that need to get their route start time and don’'t have web access

The Schedule Information App handles this scenario well.

My staffing level needed for shifts varies, I want to dynamically call / invite staff to work

The Messaging App performs this function. The dialog efficiently determines if the staff member is available and willing to work.

In an emergency, I want to contact my employees, send a message, and confirm receipt

Organizations can implement emergency notification using the Messaging App which can include a prompt requesting each employee confirm receipt of the message.

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